Buds Birds

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Budsbirds is on facebook now. I don't pretend to be an expert on social media, but we do have a page, come look for the newest photo's, show results and hatches!



Buds Birds

We are a small farm located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in SW Washington. We have been involved in breeding exhibition and commercial poultry and rabbits since 1975. We feel honored to be part of the sustainable locavore culture. As this page grows along with the farm, we will be adding photos of available stock, and please follow my blog to see progress on "The Quest"



We currently raise  Heritage Rhode Island Reds  Barred  Plymouth Rocks, Silver Grey Dorkings and Dark Cornish Large Fowl.  We also have Dark Cornish Bantams from some of the best lines around, and I am working on Blue Cornish Bantams, which means I also have black and splash. I also raise bantam Rhode Island Reds and bantam Barred Plymouth Rocks.

A Dark Cornish Bantam Chick from the first hatch of 2013