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Buying Hatching eggs

I frequently have incubator space available and I'd like to hatch a wider variety of birds. I'd just as soon not raise a lot of other varieties, so this could be an opportunity for you. I would like to establish relationships with Breeders of purebred fowl that might want to sell hatching eggs on a one time or regular basis. The preference is for local breeders within 100 miles of Portland, Oregon so that the eggs don't have to be shipped. I can either buy hatching eggs outright or we can work out a deal to split the chicks. I'm open to all possibilities, except that the breeding flock will need to be inspected by me and meet my standards for quality and health. I'm not looking for huge numbers, as few as a dozen would be considered, again, one time or weekly. Bantams, Large Fowl and Turkeys for now, potential for waterfowl and game birds in the future. email bud98606@gmail.com for more information

Contact Me

Via text or phone 541-227-1074 between 6 and 8 pm. Leave a message if I don't answer and I'll get back to you quickly