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Posted by bud98606 on December 11, 2012 at 7:30 PM

This is my very first attempt at a blog and a webpage. It is my hope that my small miracle farm will eventually pay at least something back. The history of the quest is that I was raised on a small farm in the 60's, moved to a country house on one acre in the 70's, then moved to an apartment at college (Oregon State University) in the 80's. A house in the city with a wife and kids followed in the 90's and 00's. My wife passed away from Ovarian Cancer in 2006 and in 2008 I moved my then 12 year old daughter and her two dogs to SW Washington. We rented a city home for 6 months, then moved to a 2.5 acre rental, then another country rental and finally purchased a home on 5 acres in August of 2012. Life really does come full circle.

I got interested in poultry back in the 70's on the little acre in Whiskey Hill. My neighbor, Mr. Crowfoot, had some production reds, honey bees, shelty dogs and birmingham roller pigeons. I loved them all except the bees! I started raising show birds purchased at the Clackamas County Fair and got to know a lot of the old time breeders. Micky Hickman, Maurice Clark, Dewald and Mellot, Leonard Smith, Verne Sorenson and Henry Meager of Brush Praire. Henry's barn absolutely fascinated me, he had row upon row of breeding and conditioning pens in a two story gambrel style barn. After 30 years away from the area, I now drive by that barn every day on my way to and from work. Again, life comes full circle!

I raised large and bantam Rhode Island Reds and Dark and White Cornish, and played with birmingham rollers and fantail pigeons. I was heavily involved in FFA and actually won the Oregon State Proficiency Award for Poultry in 1978. I hatched out about 200 production red chicks a week during the spring season out of an old Sears redwood incubator I bought from Leonard Smith.

So, the quest begins. I have already hatched about 35 chicks in my Hovabator. I have Heritage Rhode Island Reds, some production White Plymouth Rocks, some really gorgeous Coronation Sussex and a few production birds. I'm lining up breeding stock in bantam and Large Fowl Barred Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds and White Laced Red Cornish, as well as an experiment with Silver Grey Dorkings. My hope is to create a combination that will be a true dual purpose bird for families that want to be self sustaining, or at least know where some of their food is coming from.

Watch this blog to see my progress. Links, photos and breed descriptions will be coming soon!

I think my daughter will also want a page on her rabbits, English Lops, the friendliest darn things I've ever seen!

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