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Posted by bud98606 on December 13, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Well, I have had a couple of days to work on this website and think about entries to the Blog. I've actually had a couple of folks ask me some questions about birds, and I encourage anyone who does read this to ask away. I don't always know the answers, but honestly, I've made a career out of knowing who does if I don't! I know quite a few breeders of poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits and hogs and I've found most of them to be very helpful and forthcoming with advice.

The birds are coming along nicely. For anyone out there that does breed birds, please make sure your roosters are getting at least 14 hours of light per day for maximum fertility. Most of us know the light helps stimulate egg production in the hens this time of year, but the roosters definitely need the light as well to reach maximum reproductive potential.

Back to the quest and the website. It will be under construction for a while as I don't have a lot of time to work on it. I will eventually have photos of all of the animals and breeds I raise, as well as a store that will accept paypal for anyone looking to oreder on line and have products shipped, mainly hatching eggs at this point. I will be welcoming visitors to the farm at some point in the future, when things are more developed. I'm working on bantam breeding pens, bantam duck pens, a range pen for runner ducks, a small range for one pair of geese and a small pasture for some beltsville white turkeys, sometimes called midgetts (I'll dive into that subject at a later date). game bird pens are also on the horizon, along with a lot of brush clearing and wood cutting. I also want to get a page up for my daughters English Lop Rabbits, her first litter is due on New Years Day. I'll admit to not being a fan of most rabbits although I've raised them virtually all of my life and I have the scars on my hands and arms to prove it. I've never had English Lops until now, and they are really more like dogs than rabbits, they actually beg to be petted and held!

And, the next big acquisition will be a yak! I have a line on one in Idaho and I'm hoping to make this purchase sometime in January. I know very, very little about Yaks, but they should do well in our climate (a lot better than a Zebu, which was my other choice), they can serve multiple purposes and they are also known to be pretty docile. I'll keep you posted!

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