Buds Birds

Siver Grey Dorkings 


The Dorking has a rectangular body with very short, five toed legs. It is one of the very few breeds that has red earlobes and lays a white egg. They are known as a versatile dual purpose breed. the hens will go broody and make good mothers. The males make good free range fryers.


I am also using this breed to create the crossbred free range birds that will be available in 2014


Heritage Rhode Island Reds

Heritage Rhode Island Red Chicks Hatched 02/21/2013. Breeding Stock from Gary Underwood.

These birds are a much deeper and darker red than the standard "feed store" chicks. They are a good dual purpose breed that lays a medium to large brown egg. They tend to be very personable and follow me around the barn at feeding time. The bird below is a 13 week old cockeral. Eggs and Chicks are available now, as well as some started birds.


Heritage Rhode Island Red Cockerel at 13 weeks. He is a much darker color in person!


Large Fowl Dark Cornish

I do occasionally have eggs available from these birds. They are quite wide and heavy and actually fairly good layers for Cornish. They don't lay like a Rhode Island Red, but they are a very meaty bird that is often hard to find. You can order Dark Cornish from a mail order hatchery, but the finished product will look nothing like these.

Barred Plymouth Rocks

My Barred Plymouth Rocks came form eggs shipped in from Good Shepherd Farms, Frank Reese Jr. In addition, I have eggs from Kraig Shaffer in the incubator and due on June 12 to add some diversity to my flock.

A link to Good Shepherd Farms:  www.goodshepherdpoultryranch.com/

Straight run chicks should be available in February. BR Chicks will be $2.50 each, hatching eggs will be $20.00 per dozen and can be picked up or shipped to the lower 48 states. The cockeral pictured is 6 months old and shows the barring and size you can expect. We use Barred Plymouth Rocks to create our Black Sex Link chicks.